Grande Prairie Employment Law

We are equipped with professional employment lawyers in Grande Prairie. We provide helpful advice and an inclusive array of employment laws related to employers, businesses, self-employed contractors, and employees throughout the areas.

Employment Law Services for Employers

Our Grande Prairie lawyers help both small and medium-sized businesses on law employment concerns including hiring, firing, and workplace concerns as well as allegations. There are many things to navigate, and our lawyers work to ensure your business is safeguarded from any liability.

We draft procedures and policies to make sure the suitable protocols are in place to prevent expenses and issues. We will help position your business robust in the event of a lawsuit. For a predictable and reasonable flat fee, we counsel business owners on how to deal with sensitive situations and to avoid concerns before they arise.

Our best employment lawyers will put on their litigation hats in the event of a lawsuit, and we will defend your business vigorously.

Employment Law Services for Employees

  •   Workplace Claims

Our law firm routinely deals with employment law and legal claims of wrongful termination, whistleblower actions, hostile work environment, mishandling of sensitive concerns, and legal claims of sexual harassment. You might also found a limited set of situations that constitute to wrongful termination.

Our professional team of lawyers has the knowledge and know-how with employment law. We will help identify if you have a cause of action. Rest assured that we are trained in dealing with lawsuits, and we will work with you to make the most of any compensation you’re owed.

  •   Worker’s Compensation

Our Grande Prairie lawyers repeatedly deals with employee compensation matters. We understand injured employees are entitled to lost salaries as well as medical costs associating to injuries that take place on the job.

The goal of the insurance company is to pay as little as possible and to close the case as quickly as possible. Our responsibility is to safeguard your interests and guarantee you get what you are permitted to.

A Word About Costs

Individuals are often worried about the price of legal services, and that’s something which should be discussed at an early stage. A preliminary fifteen to twenty-minute chat over the telephone, for which we don’t’ charge, will serve to determine the concerns of a specific case. That will identify whether we could help you and, if so, the likely cost implications of presenting our services.

We always ask ourselves one question when advising on costs: “Can we justify the cost of the service we offer in terms of the overall results we hope to accomplish for the client?”

No matter if you are an employer suffering from employee misconduct or an employee who experienced unfair termination, our team of employment law attorneys got you covered!

Our clients could be confident that when we offer costs advice, we work on the basis, which charges a reasonable and fair amount for the work we do. Feel free to get in touch to us for an initial chat or contact us online with details of your inquiry.