Grand Prairie Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a house is exciting and risky. Our Grande Prairie real estate lawyers  reduce possible dangers while protecting everyone’s interest during a transaction.

Many people don’t seek the assistance of a real estate lawyer because of the cost and complexity. As an experts-recommended firm, we’ve been providing quality pieces of legal advice at an affordable rate. We modify our services according to the homeowner’s objectives.

Unlike real estate agents, we’re experienced in preparing and registering accurate documents. Say bye to errors and unnecessary expenditures in the long run.

Since day one, our Grande Prairie law firm has been informing our clients about the liabilities associated with a property, from development charges to usage restrictions. We’re professional and quick, enabling sellers and buyers to save time and cash.

Our Real Estate Services

Prepare Sellers and Buyers

Buying and selling a residential or commercial real estate is no easy task. There are different factors to understand, giving less experienced individuals some trouble. 

Our professionals exert effort to orient buyers and sellers on the terms of the Agreement to Sell and  Offer to Purchase. The team explains the existing rules and regulations thoroughly.

Search for Encumbrances

Encumbrances lessen the property’s value or restrict a person’s ability to transfer title to an apartment. Encumbrances include deed restrictions, encroachments, licenses, liens, and easements. Deed restrictions are written into deeds and can be troublesome. The restrictions pass from owner to owner.

Encroachments take place when a person places a fence into another’s residential or commercial property. Liens can come from different directions. Whether an individual doesn’t pay property or income taxes, he can have a lien placed against his residential or commercial building.

Easements, on the other hand, are common. Utilities place easements along with an office or home to maintain sewer lines, gas pipes, water reservoirs, and electric wires.

Notify Clienteles about Zoning and Land use Issues

Each real estate transaction has become more complex, and analyzing land-use restrictions minimizes the risks. Non-compliance affects the property’s marketability, potential uses, and value. That’s not all! It increases engineering, legal, and surveying expenses too.

Other Legal Services for Property Selling and Buying

We identify whether or not G.S.T applies to the transaction. We assist our clients with the requirements of transferring a condo unit, register mortgage, transfer documents, and disburse money.

Yes, the transaction seems straightforward. Still, it’s ideal to seek legal advice before signing any agreement or contract. This promotes your safety and peace of mind.

Condo Plans and Future Land Development

Unable to obtain development approval, register subdivision plans, negotiate agreements with builders, or transfer receipt? If yes, [Insert company] has extensive experience, land developers should take advantage.

Set an appointment with one of our lawyers in Grande Prairie today. Our lawyers will discuss everything about the land development project of all sizes.

Leasing – Know the Basics

The experts at Grande Prairie lawyers specialize in drafting the terms of the lease, negotiating the agreement, reviewing the current lease, and preparing renewal. We also strive to educate buyers and sellers about their rights under the Residential Tenancy Act.

CALL us now for a consultation.  We make your goals a reality and guarantee customer satisfaction.