Grande Prairie Wills & Estates

What is the reason that you are working hard in building your business or company? What is it for the investments that you have made? Why did you purchase another property for? Of all these questions, there is only one reason why they are doing it – it is for their family. This is true, and if death falls upon you, you already know who will be the one to benefit these. What if these assets were not administered well or was not divided equally, will you rise from your grave to solve it? Getting your Wills & Estate in order must be apriority in order to ahve your wishes done properly.

No. We don’t know if it will be impossible for someone to still speak to the living to correct the distribution and administration of his or her assets with the discussing of wills & estates. This might be impossible, but with us, we will ensure that on your behalf, your asset will be given to its rightful successor.

Knowing More about Will and Estates In Grande Prairie

A will is created by one of our Grande Prairie lawyers thai is an essential document that will allow a person or the testator to decide who will be the one to manage his estate after he died. This legal document will also include the distribution of assets as well as who will assume the guardianship in case the testator have dependents.

An estate may refer to everything that comprises the net worth of a person. This may include his financial securities, cash, real estate properties, and other assets.

It is highly advisable that while you are still healthy and capable, you should have decided on these things and has your will prepared.  With this, estate planning is important to ensure that your taxes and other associated expenses will be minimized. At the same time, you are still alive, and it will not affect the proceeds that your family or heir will be receiving when you died.

No worries, our Grande Prairie lawyers will help you prepare your will and take into account your intentions and other circumstances. We will also help you with other important documents that will support and make your will binding. These documents are:

  •   Powers of Attorney – This document authorizes another person, an attorney, to look after a person’s financial affairs. These may also include the management of his or her property. This document is written to provide the appointed person to act on behalf of the testator once he became incapacitated.  In some cases, the owner of the property wanted to; this document can also be written to permit the person appointed to act upon once the document was signed, effectively.
  •   Personal Directive – another important document that will specify who will be the person to decide on someone’s behalf, especially if this person is incapable of deciding for himself. He or she may decide on things like whom you are going to visit and associate with or to live with. This will also allow the person or the agent that you have appointed to have the consent in your health care treatment. He or she can also request to end this medical treatment in appropriate circumstances.

Aside from these important documents needed for your will, it is also important that you have already prepared other documents related to your estates. If you need any assistance with your estate planning as well as drafting your will, you can always rely on our legal team to help you. Our law firm in Grand Prairie will always be here to help you with your wills and estate queries as well as other legal services needed. Call Us Today!